Teams everywhere are struggling right now, is yours one of them? 


The situation: 


  • From zoom fatigue to miscommunication, virtual teams everywhere are feeling the challenges of working remotely. 
  • We don’t always think of teamwork as a skill but the reality is, teamwork is an essential skill, especially as we work from home. 
  • A recent Gallup panel revealed that 62% of U.S. workers have now worked remotely, and with this abrupt transition come new workplace challenges. 


Keeping up with today’s demands means adapting quickly—but luckily, there’s already a proven solution.



The Five Behaviors for Virtual Teams - Social Media - Post #3Introducing a NEW Five Behaviors Virtual Learning Experience – with Pat Lencioni! 


  • Learn How to Support and Strengthen Teamwork throughout Your Virtual Workforce! 
  • Give your team a virtual learning experience that can help you create a culture of teamwork from anywhere. 
  • This robust experience includes an exclusive virtual event where you can learn directly from best-selling author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Patrick Lencioni on the behaviors needed for effective teamwork within your remote workforce. 


Process to participate: 

The Five Behaviors for Virtual Teams - Social Media - Post #5


  1. Define your up to 12 participants.
  2. They will receive a code to do their Personal Development assessment.
  3. Your learners will be registered to attend the special event with Patrick Lencioni on August 19th at 10 am CST.
  4. Schedule the 90-minute facilitation for your virtual team.
  5. Your learners will attend the 90-minute training to review their results and improve Trust and Healthy Conflict in their team.
  6. Schedule the follow-up webinar for your learners a month later to review and reinforce learning.
  7. Your learners will attend the 60-minute follow up webinar.
  8. Define with Executive Coaches the next steps for your learners. 


The Five Behaviors for Virtual Teams - Social Media - Post #2Investment: $3,950 



  • Up to 12 Personal Development individual assessments. 
  • Patrick Lencioni presentation on August 19th. 
  • 90-minute learning experience for Virtual Teams delivered by ICS Executive Coaches and Trainers. 
  • 60-minute follow up learning experience one month later to review and reinforce learning.



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