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There are many coaching certification on the market – why take this one?

  • The training course has an European Quality Award from the EMCC.
  • It has been benchmarked for excellence.
  • 15,000 participants from 78 countries have taken the program since 2001.
  • It is tried and tested – it works.
  • This course is being given by Joseph O'Connor and Andrea Lages the creators of the program, bestselling authors with over half a million copies sold.
  • Guillermo Mendoza and Maria Bruederlin from Impact Coaching Solutions will be sharing their expertise in Leadership with the Power of Coaching and Emotional and Positive  Intelligence.
  • It is a comprehensive program covering the key coaching skills in great depth, as well as the newer developments in the field like neuroscience coaching and emotional intelligence .



Distance learning format includes trainer student contact, supervised experiential exercises online, coaching supervision, Coaching Master Classes, videos, and written material. On completion you will be a member of the International Coaching Community, one of the largest coaching organizations in the world.


Do you want coaching mastery?

Mastery is the ability to do your work brilliantly and so effortlessly that it will position you as a coaching expert helping people.

Do you want the latest coaching models?

Including the latest for coaches on mindfulness, neuroscience, emotional intelligence and leadership development.
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Do you want an established, award winning International Program?

This training was establishes in 2001. It was awarded two European Quality Awards and has trained 15,000 coaches from 78 countries.
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This course will enable you to help your clients in the most skillful way, build your credibility and accelerate your personal and professional development. Upon completion, you will be a member of the International Coaching Community, one of the largest coaching organizations in the world.

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Classes start on March  22nd, 2022

Every Tuesday and Saturday at 9 AM (CST Central Standard Time) / 3 PM UK time.

Classes last two hours

Program Duration 110 hours

48 hours live training online.

62 hours offline – study, reading and coaching practice and webinars





Starting November 2th, Joseph O'Connor and Andrea Lages will be delivering this course again together with ICC USA Master Trainers Guillermo Mendoza and Maria Bruederlin for a one time only event this year.

Author, trainer and executive coach. Together, his 18 books have sold over half a million copies in thirty languages. His books include Coaching with NLP, How Coaching Works, and Coaching the Brain
Joseph O'Connor
Co-founder of the ICC and co-designer of the coaching program
Andrea is an author trainer and executive coach. She delivers trainings in English, Portuguese and Spanish and is co-author, with Joseph of Coaching with NLP, How Coaching Works, and Coaching the Brain.
Andrea Lages
Co-founder of the ICC and co-designer of the coaching program
ICC trainer, global executive coach and speaker. Guillermo is accelerating leadership around the globe, turning managers into leaders with neuroscience and emotional intelligence.
Guillermo Mendoza
Co-founder of Impact Coaching Solutions and ICC Master Trainer
Certified international coach, trainer, and PCC. She works globally with an expertise in developing self awareness, emotional intelligence, communication and resilience.
Maria Bruederlin
Co-founder of Impact Coaching Solutions, ICC Master Trainer, PCC




The full complement of skills to bring your coaching to the highest level, including:


  • Tactical coaching: how to achieve more change in one session.
  • Developing and using your intuition.
  • How to work with the client's goals, values and create an action plan.
  • Generating powerful questions.
  • How to deal with the clients limiting mental models ('The problem is not the problem – the way they think about the problem is the problem'.)
  • How to time your interventions to achieve the maximum impact.
  • How to make requests, establish challenges, and design tasks.
  • Systemic thinking to find leverage points in your coaching practice.




ICC and Coaching with NLP

Extra bonuses included with the course:

  • Six masterclass coaching sessions in the training.
  • Two newly created modules of Neuroscience coaching added to the course, based on the book Coaching the Brain – Practical Applications of Neuroscience to Coaching by Joseph O’Connor and Andrea Lages.
  • 3 webinars on “Marketing your Coaching” by Guillermo Mendoza.
  • 3 webinars on “Using Communication and Emotional Intelligence assessments for Coaching” by Maria Bruederlin.
  • One individual coaching session with Joseph, Maria, Andrea or Guillermo.

Who is it for?

Executives, leaders, and managers who use coaching skills to accelerate people development to be a better leader and get better results in their organizations.

Individuals looking for tools of personal transformation in the way they manage their life, relationships, business and careers.

Teachers, psychologists, human resources professionals, counselors and consultants who want to start or expand their professional practice and help their students and clients.





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“This is the only training of its kind in the market. It prepares the individual by providing very specific tools and a process to coach clients. I highly recommend this training to anyone desiring to become a life or business coach”. - Nancy Trennel (VP Marketing & Development - First Community Credit Union
“This training was useful, practical, powerful, real, sincere. Thank you, these tools will help me and others to be better persons”. - Rene Lerch
“First rate training that provides a complete framework and seasoned coaches. Truly the best I have ever had”. - Herman Williams (Regional Care Hospital Partners - Chief Medical Officer)
“The process of becoming a certified coach took me on an unexpected journey of self-reflection and growth. By recognizing and identifying my own triggers, limiting beliefs and overall roadblocks... I will be able to more aptly help others on their journey”. - Tamy Lambert (Morpho TrustDirector)
“Exceptional course content, presented by a leading professional in the Coaching field. The sessions moved quickly and we were able to develop skills at an accelerated level. I highly recommend it... a life changing experience!”. - Susan Horine (Counselor & Professional Coach)



Do I have to be a coach to take this certification?
You do not have to be or want to be a professional coach. The knowledge and skills that the course covers will be useful in any field where you are helping and guiding people – all types of coaching, management, and training. And if you are a professional coach this certification will add great tools and concepts to your coaching.
What certification will I get?
The course is accredited by the International Coaching Community.
Does the program meet the requirements as coach specific training for the ICF Portfolio path?
Yes it does.
How long will it take?
After the training finishes, there are post training tasks and practice that will take from three to six months to complete.
What can I do with this skill, knowledge and certificate?
Be a more skillful, knowledgeable coach! And... you will be at the leading edge of coaching. You can expand your reach of clients. If an executive has a choice of a coach they will choose the one with the extra skill and knowledge in the latest developments wins the client.
Is the course practical – can I go straight out and use what I learn?
Yes! Not only can you do that, but you will do it while you do the course!
Still have questions?
Get in touch!

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