Coaching Skills are for Parents TOO!


Powerful Coaching Tools & Skills. Hands On Practice. 

Join us for three hours filled with information and hands-on practice to learn powerful coaching tools that will help you raise even better children and teenagers. 

  • Houston - September 29 
  • Orlando - October 25
  • Time: 6:00 pm
  • Cost: $97/pp, $147/couple

Registration ends September 15.  Limited seating.

Join Guillermo Mendoza and Maria Bruederlin, ICC International Coaches and Trainers, to learn how coaching skills can help you at home with your children.  This program combines tools from coaching, emotional intelligence, neuroscience and information gathered from a survey given to teenagers on what they would like parents to stop, start and continue doing, the results will surprise you. 

Topics include: 

  1. PARENTING WITH COACHING - Learn what coaching is, how it works and how to use coaching tools to have better relationships and communication with  your children.
  2. IMPORTANT CONVERSATIONS - Learn the top five things that your teenagers need from you as parents.
  3. PERSPECTIVES - Learn a powerful coaching technique to help you resolve conflicts with your children, and also help them resolve conflicts with their peers, friends, teachers, coaches, etc.  

For your convenience, you can register directly here by clicking on the button.