We are happy to announce that the International Coaching Community has decided to offer its award-winning international coaching certification online.  

This award-winning program has been offered all over the world by 47 trainers that over 19 years have certified more than 14,000 professional coaches. It is not only the best blend of coaching methodologies and tools to give new and seasoned coaches powerful techniques to work in their life coaching, business coaching or executive coaching businesses; but also has a successful training methodology consisting on theory, tools demonstration, practices in groups of 2 or 3 people, debriefing of practices and reinforcing learning. 

Online International Coaching Certification

This is a program for you if…  

  • You are looking for a professional international certification to become a coach
  • You are a manager, director or leader looking for coaching skills to improve your leadership and develop your people. 
  • You are human resources professional learning how to define an implement a true coaching culture in your organization. 
  • You are looking for a personal transformation to improve the way you define goals, create plans and execute for faster and better results. 

You will learn and practice…  

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